InstaExam: Leading the way for Simple, Easy and Instant Online Exams

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InstaExam: Leading the way for Simple, Easy and Instant Online Exams

We all know that since March 2020, the Coronavirus has increasingly disrupted human lives, wreaking havoc to almost all industries. 

Of all the major sectors facing the brunt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the education sector has been one of the most affected. This has taken a serious toll on student learning and education.

Exams are either being canceled or postponed which has led to confusion and anxiety among students and parents.

With no countermeasures to combat this issue at hand, the only way forward to all the schools, colleges, and educational institutions is to make a shift to online methods to conduct exams.

This sudden transition to conducting exams online has had mixed responses from the masses, with many doubting the integrity of the exams

The educators and college administrators across India are slowly but surely getting to understand the importance of using online exam software to help them combat the current exam crisis.

Ever since the rise of the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, institutions such as the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kashipur have gone on to conduct the trimester exam of 1st-year students, online.

What is All the Hype About?


According to Indian Express, major educational institutes including OP Jindal Global University have announced that they will be conducting entrance exams using online test software.


The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAT), the organization responsible for conducting the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), is giving students the option to write their tests at home as well.


And these are just a few of the many college and university administrations that have decided to focus on leading the way forward towards digitizing education.


According to Forbes, not too far in the future, there will come a time when educational institutions will decide to hold exams using online test software, pandemic or not. 


As such, equipping ourselves with the right tools is essential.


Enter, InstaExam – an online exam conducting software, leading the way for simple, easy, and instant online exams. Here to bring about the ideal online exam experience, packed with powerful features and tools.

Why Choose InstaExam?


With an online exam maker like InstaExam, examination administrators, teachers, and students stand to benefit majorly. Here’s a look at some of its functions:


Exam Admins Can


● Create online exams with section-wise topics.


● Assign teachers and students for each exam and class.


● Manage all exams in one platform.


● Set up time limits and much more.

How Can Teachers Benefit?

● Teachers can create online exams, monitor them, and even manage the grades of students.

● Educators have a series of customizable options to choose from which includes shuffling up sections of a paper, set up time limits, and so on.

What’s In It For The Students?

● Students can access their exams on their tablets and through a web calendar view in order to check their exam schedules.

● Examinees can review their answers before submitting them.

● Students will receive notifications regarding events such as when they get graded.

Conducting Online Exams Could Not Have Been Easier

Designed with a view of helping teachers in the examination process – our exam portal has numerous tools and plugins. Here’s a look at some of the features of the software.

Easy and Simple – Our simple and intuitive interface lets you create exams instantly without having to worry about the complexity of software functionalities. With just a few clicks, you’re all set

Powerful Features – Packed with powerful features, exam admins can sift through a range of dynamic options that will help create online exams seamlessly.

Flexible and Secure – Our array of customizable features permits teachers to pick and choose what is ideal for students. Teachers have the added advantage of accessing a portal that is very serious about the privacy and security of its users.

Anti-Cheat Mechanism – With our state of the art online proctoring system set in place that essentially authenticates the identity of examinees, there is zero chance of cheating.

Remote Proctoring – This feature allows admins and teachers to assess examinees from anywhere in the world.


There’s no doubt that online exams are here to stay.

With a traditional examination system, educators and admins are constantly going to overwork themselves, weary of the cheating, and the continuous flitting between exam halls.

Institutions will further realize that students prefer to submit their tests in the comfort of their homes instead of traveling far off distances and subject themselves to stressful situations.

But with online test software such as InstaExam, you can avoid all of this.

Try out our free demo to get a complete feel of everything we have to offer.

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