How to Conduct and Proctor E-Exams Securely from Home

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  • Posted On: 18-Jul-2020
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How to Conduct and Proctor E-Exams Securely from Home

The ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of technology and its users. Technology and digitalization have picked up pace since every sector and organization is shifting from their traditional methods of work and adapting to the latest digital technology and platforms to continue the work and business effectively amid the circumstances. 


During this revolutionary phase, the education system has been equally impacted among other sectors of every nation. 


Educational institutions and faculties around the world have started using digital learning platforms widely to continue teaching and learning for their students. But when it comes to examinations, there have always been questions about accessibility and security in the world of digital technology.  


Due to these challenges and to ensure the safety of students and faculties, many educational institutions have kept their yearly examination on hold. 


But don’t worry. In this post, you will understand: 


a. What is E-exam or Online Examination?


b. How Educational Institutions and Faculties can Create, Conduct, and Proctor E-exams securely? 


We have witnessed traditional teaching and learning process changing over time with the help of technology.  


According to a study, 87% of students use their mobile devices to look for online study programs and 67% utilize mobile devices to complete online course work.  


At present, apart from learning online, faculties and teachers have started evaluating student’s knowledge through online exams and assessments.  


A recent study by the non-profit education technology provider in UK,  Jisc stated that – “Digital exams should take the place of pen and paper booklets by 2025 in order to make them more accessible and relevant to the modern world”. 


What is an E-exam? 


Online exams also called ‘E- Exam’ or ‘Digital Exam’ is a web test for evaluating student’s knowledge and learning progress. Rather than traveling for hours to reach examination centers to succeed, students can sit relaxed in their homes and write the assessments comfortably using the internet connection and an exam software tool such as InstaExam on their laptop, MacBook, or smartphones. 


What are the Advantages of Online Examination?


The Advantages of Online Examination - Instaexam


E-exams or online tests are really beneficial from an examiner’s perspective. It enhances the efficiency level to conduct an exam up to ninety percent. The best part is that the tools to conduct such exams are really handy and helpful in terms of preparing questions and collecting the answers quickly. 


Online test or digital examination has many other advantages over offline/traditional exams including:


1. Saves Paper, 

2. Time-Saving, 

3. Reduces Logistics Cost, 

4. Quick Result Processing, 

5. Remote Supervision, and 

6. Flexibility and Security. 


How to conduct a safe, best in experience and hassle-free E-exam?


To conduct an e-exam you would require an online software tool that will allow your faculties/admins to create, monitor, record & manage exams for the students.  


InstaExam is one of the many innovative solutions of Palpx AI that aims at supporting online education by modernizing the outdated practices and pushing through digitization of education to effectively improve the approach of education system across the world. 


The budget-friendly online e-exam software InstaExam comes with comprehensive features including question bank, remote proctoring, anti-cheat mechanism, and much more that provides complete transparency and help teachers to evaluate the results easily and quickly.


Once you have picked an online examination software suitable for your educational institution, you can easily create exam questionnaires and schedule exams using the software features and share it with the students to check-in and take the assessments.


The available remote proctoring features and anti-cheat mechanisms help to monitor any suspicious activity during an exam such as relevant objects or background voice to offer red/green flag to the exams and ensure the authenticity of the taken assessment by the students.




Online exams have gathered eternal importance worldwide including India. Between December 2018 and August 2019, India’s national testing agency assessed 5.5 million candidates for entrance to educational institutes using an e-card with their thumbprint and photo to access the examination room. 

E-exams are more accessible, cheaper, and environment friendly. This is the time for you to make a transformation and help your educational institution from facing any setbacks due to safety constraints either be it the ongoing pandemic or any epidemic in the future. 

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