7 Reasons Why You Should Immediately Shift To Online Exams

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  • Posted On: 04-Jun-2020
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7 Reasons Why You Should Immediately Shift To Online Exams

Recent studies suggest that online examinations can improve the quality of teaching immensely. The studies further elude to the fact that online proctoring could in fact perfect the education system. 

An increasing number of research scholars, educators, administrators, and teachers are beginning to see the many advantages that online tests promise to provide.

According to Research Gate an online community of scientists, online examinations have already outclassed the traditional way of writing exams in multiple ways. 

Their research insinuates that qualitatively speaking, an online examination system is superior to one written with pen and paper. It further implies that the traditional way of writing exams hinders teachers and admins from testing the knowledge of students in a satisfactory manner. 

As such, if you are a student, teacher, administrator, or an educational institution that is contemplating the benefits of online software, we give you 7 reasons why you should immediately shift to online exams.

Reason 1 – Online Examinations Increases Objectivity

Several points can be raised when talking about the aspect of objectivity in online exams. We discuss a few of them here.

The idea of legible/illegible handwriting being the criterion for grading students in a certain way will no longer exist. 

When teachers create online exams, standardized questions such as multiple-choice questions (MCQs), single choice questions, matching questions, and the answers to them can be graded automatically.  

Different styles of handwriting will no longer influence the evaluation process of lecturers. 

Reason 2 – Online Software for Creating Exams Lightens Correction Workloads

One of the biggest difficulties of conducting examinations is the sheer number of students that administrations have to accommodate and grade. 


With InstaExam and it’s dynamic UI, the task becomes much simpler, because:

● Administrators can seamlessly grade thousands of students through AI proctoring

● Online examinations save ample time and money since so many of the functions are automated – making things easier for controllers.

● Automatic delivery, scoring, and storage reduce the workload drastically. 

Reason 3 – Shifting to Online Exams will Increase Student Engagement

Academicians are of the opinion that Exam software for schools will be an exciting addition to institutions. They have surmised that the mere novelty of online examinations will increase student engagement. 

There is also the fact that online testing allows for greater flexibility among the student populace when compared to traditional methods of testing. 

Students will apply to their memory and skill much more naturally at the comfort of their home when compared to an exam hall packed with other nervous and anxious students.

Reason 4 – Feedback is Everything

When teachers create online tests using online platforms, instant grading, and feedback that is provided to students will warm them towards such spaces.

Traditional testing methods give no room for interaction between students and their teachers. Students are simply graded and given feedback (if at all) at a far later time than is actually convenient. 

With online testing, students will be able to garner feedback promptly. Moreover, teachers have the option of giving both standardized as well as individual feedback. 

Reason 5 – Online Tests boosts Academic Integrity 

A recent report that analyzed the state of universities ever since the rise of the pandemic has resulted in a new wave of understanding with respect to AI proctoring.

Educational institutions have started to focus on all the advantages that online testing provides, including the academic integrity of students ever since the pandemic and the subsequent global lockdown. 

Leading academic integrity experts surmise that incidences of cheating and plagiarism will reduce drastically once higher educations embrace the full power of exam software for schools and colleges. 

Furthermore, experts believe that students will naturally want to stick to positive moral codes with the introduction of improved detection of plagiarism and cheating with the use of digital footprints. 

Reason 6 – The Security Benefits are Many 

Research strategists believe that there isn’t anything singular or unique about face-to-face invigilation. 

Putting hundreds if not thousands of students in one room does not necessarily mean that it is the perfect way to invigilate an examination. 

Through remote proctoring, admins, as well as lecturers, will be able to ensure that students are not smuggling in materials that they could use to give them an unfair advantage. 

Controllers can also check for the existence of unauthorized plugins, tools, and software through remote proctoring. 

Reason 7 – Several Things That Were Previously Done Manually are Now Instant 

With online examination software, educators and admins can make use of features that provide highly efficient, quick, and guaranteed results. 

Furthermore, they are able to create, manage, and deploy tests in a matter of minutes. As such, what would have previously taken several hours can now be done more or less instantly.    

Why shift to InstaExam?

InstaExam with its state-of-the-art examination system is a culmination of all of the above-mentioned features, and more. 

It allows lecturers and instructors to focus on their teaching, imparting knowledge, and inspiring creativity amongst the students without having to comb through the intricacies of different kinds of software. 

The lockdown situation has left many institutions in a state of turmoil but with InstaExam, we hope to bring online exams to the forefront and reduce everyone’s burden. 

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