5 Ways Online Exams Can Reshape Education in 2020 And Beyond

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  • Posted On: 01-Jun-2020
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5 Ways Online Exams Can Reshape Education in 2020 And Beyond

With everything going on in the world at the moment, – a pandemic on the rise, the lockdown situation, and a rapidly crashing economy – little has been done to salvage the end of the academic year.  

It is no wonder that educational institutions and universities have begun to rely heavily on an online examination system in order to end the scholastic year. 

This step is inadvertently encouraging students to participate in a future that is focused on e-learning.

Here are the 5 Ways Online Exams Can Reshape Education in 2020 And Beyond

1. You immediately become environmentally responsible – Just think of the amount of paper that goes into making thousands of question and answer papers, every year! And that’s just for one school. 

Imagine how much environmental degradation has come about because of the millions of schools abiding by the same principle?

An online examination software would immediately erase this very troubling conundrum.

2. You become technologically sound – Undoubtedly the best feature of an online exam tool is the fact that it is seamless and hassle-free. 

The advancement in technology allows administrators, teachers, and students alike to embark on an examination process that is free of glitches and an evaluation process that is smooth and uninterrupted

3. It is cost-effective to a large extent – Teachers and administrators will no longer have to run around to set things up before, during, and after examinations. 

Once the questions are set, all students have to do is submit their answers, and just like that, the evaluation process (which again can be accomplished by a few clicks) begins. 

4. You no longer have to be on your toes all the time – For everyone involved, examinations are a stress-inducing time. 

Administrators and teachers are tediously working through preparing question papers and getting them delivered to the right location, all the while fighting against time. 

Students are traveling to unknown locations while under the stress of not being prepared enough, or anxiously going through another revision while struggling to be in the right frame of mind. 

The entire process is time-consuming and extremely taxing. 

But the opposite is true in the case of online exams. 

Online exam softwares reduces several manual tasks undertaken by teachers and students alike. 

5. Increased security and privacy – Through online tests, the risk of papers leaking or anyone indulging in unfavorable activities is zero. 

Exam software such as InstaExam is designed with a focus on the security and privacy of its users. 

It follows a secure system and protocol that will not allow rigging or cheating. 

All these measures lead to a more positive and healthy outlook towards the entire education system. 

This will also increase the trust and goodwill between administrative heads, academicians, and students. 

How can InstaExam help you?

If you’ve been carefully considering whether the online examination system is a safe enough bet, we have reason to believe that this article will ease you into making the decision easier for you. 

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